The launching ceremony of the fifth project to help poor children by Hainan Char

source: Release time:2019-06-14 16:09:00

On the morning of June 13, the fourth summing-up meeting of the project to help poor children with congenital heart disease, which is also the launching ceremony of the fifth phase by Hainan Charity Federation were held in the Second Affiliated Hospital of HNMU. President Zhang Guohai of the Provincial Charity Federation and President Wang Yi of the hospital attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Vice President Li Yuanfu, Deputy Secretary-General Wang Shouren, Deputy Secretary-General Cai Wei of the federation and Professor Wang Xiaoqi of the hospital attended the meeting. Vice President Zeng Qi presided over the ceremony. More than 200 people including the family members of the children, the cardiovascular surgery medical staff of the hospital the launching ceremony.

President Wang Yi said in his speech that the hospital's rescue of children with congenital diseases in poor families began in May 2010. In the past 9 years, more than 800 children have been assisted in performing cardiac surgery, the success rate is over 99%. In the future, we will continue to give full play to the public welfare nature of hospitals and give full play to the radiation belts of regional medical centers. Under the leadership of the Hainan Civil Affairs Department and the Hainan Charity Federation, we will conscientiously do a good job in the fifth phase of the project to help the congenital nature of poverty. Providing opportunities for children with impoverished congenital heart disease to recover as soon as possible, and demonstrating the spirit of "humanity, fraternity and dedication".

President Zhang Guohai of Hainan Charity Federation made important instructions. He said that with the attention of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, with the participation of caring companies and caring people from all walks of life, the project of the association can continue to operate healthily, and the children can be helped in the social family. Healthy growth, these kind dedications celebrate the great love of the world. In the fifth phase, it is planned to help 100 children, and it also moderately increased the number of rescued diseases. In addition to the five congenital heart diseases rescued in the first four periods, the scope of assistance was extended to endocardial pad defect, single ventricle, Five diseases, such as right ventricle double exit, complete transposition of major arteries, and complete abnormal pulmonary vein connection, more patients from difficult families will receive real help.

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