Top Cardiovascular Doctor in China Joined Us

source: Release time:2019-05-20 14:40:10

On the morning of April 4th, a simple and grand welcoming ceremony was held at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University. President Wang Yi, Vice President Zeng Qi, and Vice President Xu Jian attecnded the ceremony. Professor Wang Xiaoqi was invited to join the Second Affiliated Hospital of HNMU and led the establishment of the Cardiovascular Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of HNMU.

Professor Wang Xiaoqi is a member of the Cardiac Intensive Care Committee of the China Healthcare International Exchange Promotion Association. He was the Chief Physician of Cardiovascular Surgery at Fuwai Hospital and the Cardiac Transplantation Director Assistant  of Cardiovascular Surgery Adult Heart Center. He has been engaged in cardiovascular surgery clinical work for 25 years in Fuwai Hospital. He has undergone rigorous clinical training and is proficient in cardiovascular surgery theory and surgical techniques. Participated in various types of cardiac surgery (including complex congenital heart disease surgery, severe heart valve replacement surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart transplantation surgery, lung transplantation surgery, cardiopulmonary transplantation) more than 7000 cases, independently completed nearly 6,000 cases of open heart surgery, The success rate of surgery exceeded 99.5%.

In recent years, Professor Wang Xiaoqi has devoted himself to the study of total arterialization of coronary artery bypass grafting, and proposed the concept of bilateral internal arterialization of bilateral internal mammary artery in situ bypass, completing the largest group of clinical studies in the field of coronary heart disease bypass in China, which is at the domestic leading level. In 2016 and 2017, he was invited to give a keynote speech at the annual meeting of Chinese Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery for two consecutive years. In June 2018, he was awarded the Chinese Medical Skeleton Award by the Heart Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association-2017 Heart Critical Leader Award. It has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of the China Medical Award, the second prize of the China Medical Award, and the second prize of the Beijing Science and Technology Award.

Professor Wang Xiaoqi has been involved in the construction of cardiac surgery in the Second Affiliated Hospital of HNMU since 2009 and has deep feelings of the hospital. He said that it is because of the emotional foundation that he will choose to come to this hospital. He hopes that with three to five years, he will work with the leaders and colleagues of the hospital to make the " Cardiovascular Hospital" a world-class heart disease center and make contribution to the construction of the HaiNan Free Trade Zone(Port).

President Wang Yi said that the joining of Professor Wang Xiaoqi marks a solid step in the creation of the discipline group. It is believed that under the leadership of Professor Wang Xiaoqi, the Cardiovascular Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital will become a world-class cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment center for the benefit of cardiovascular patients in the island.

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