Outpatient Department


The Outpatient Department of the Hospital  has  beautiful environment, complete facilities and high-quality services. After years of construction and development, it has become a comprehensive outpatient department integrating medical treatment, teaching, rehabilitation and education. The average outpatient volume was 2,500 person-times/day, and the annual outpatient volume was 900,000 person-times.

The outpatient department has health clinics, specialist clinics, specialist clinics, general outpatient clinics, and convenient clinics. There are more than 80 clinics, and there are also outpatient operating rooms, wound stoma care centers, intravenous treatment and nursing clinics, PICC clinics, and blood drawn rooms. Functional units such as report order inquiry and automatic printing department, automatic deposit and withdrawal machine, automatic registration payment machine, expert electronic display screen, computer inquiry system, pre-examination sub-consultation desk, and  consultation desk in the hall on the first floor. The second floor lobby has a customer service center to facilitate patient printing and inspection report and inpatient services and various consulting services. The registration and charging windows are available on the first to fourth floors of the clinic to create a convenient and comfortable environment for each patient.

The outpatient department has opened the doctor workstation system. The system integrates management and service, which can simplify the outpatient treatment process and improve the hospital service quality. The outpatient clinic also has an appointment registration system. Patients can make appointments to all outpatient specialists in our hospital through on-site appointments, telephone appointments, self-service appointments, WeChat appointments, and smart hospital appointments. At the same time, it can achieve fast settlement fees and outpatient pharmacy calls for medicine, which shortens the waiting time for patients.

The outpatient department has a team of 32 staff members with high-quality medical level. The outpatient doctors are appointed by the specialists, such as attending physicians, deputy chief physicians, chief physicians and other experienced specialists, so that the level of diagnosis and treatment of outpatient clinics is continuously improved.

With the continuous improvement of hospital brand culture and guidance system and the acceleration of the construction of smart hospitals, the general hospital outpatient department always adheres to the concept of “taking patients as the center and quality as the core”, and serves well while serving patients. The experts who went to the clinic, led by the benchmark, pursued excellence, and constantly expanded the service project, and won the satisfaction of the society with exquisite technology, excellent service and noble medical ethics.

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