Mam Bunheng -the Health Minister of Cambodia visited the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University

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    On the morning of October 20th, Mam Bunheng, the Health Minister of Cambodia, Saphon Vonthanak, President of the Cambodian University of Health Science, Mam Sovatha, Vice President of the Cambodian University of Health Science, Sung Vinntak, Director of the department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia, and Huy Rekol, director of the National Malaria Control Center of Cambodia, visited the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University (HNMU). Sun Xiaoning, Vice President of HNMU, Wang Yi, President of the Second Affiliated hospital of HNMU, Cai Yi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Second Affiliated Hospital of HNMU, and Zhang Fan, Deputy Dean of the School of Public Health of HNMU, accompanied the whole process.


    Vice President Sun Xiaoning and President Wang Yi welcomed the arrival of Minister Mam Bunheng and his delegation. First of all, Minister Mam Bunheng briefly introduced the basic situation of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the status quo of the health industry and the main purpose of the trip. Mr. Wang Yi introduced the history, scale, medical service, teaching and scientific research of the Second Affiliated Hospital of HNMU.

    After that, the both sides conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges. Minister Mam-Bunheng spoke highly of the achievements of the Second Affiliated Hospital of HNMU in terms of medical service, teaching, research and the level of diagnosis and treatment of organ transplantation. He said that he hopes that through this visit, the both sides can open friendly cooperation in the field of postgraduate medicine education, promote each other and develop together. President Wang Yi said that Cambodia is always the friend of China, and ASEAN is also an important part of "The Belt and Road". Hainan has the regional advantage of “The Belt and Road", relying on HNMU, the hospital can explore a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation model, explore the fields of the medical cooperation and benefit the people of the countries along the Belt and Road.

President Wang Yi warmly talks with Minister Mam Bunheng

    Minister Mam Bunheng warmly invited President Wang Yi to visit Cambodia at an appropriate time. Cambodia will send high-level medical staff to the Second Affiliated Hospital of HNMU for advanced training.

Group picure of both sides

       After the conversation, Minister Mam Bunheng and his delegation accompanied by Vice President Sun and Mr. Wang Yi visited the department of Organ Transplantation, and went to the ward to see patients who were recovering after liver transplantation. As an obstetrician and gynecologist before, Minister Mam Bunheng also cordially talked to the doctors of this department. At the end, they visited the National Emergency Medical Rescue Team of Hainan Base and Hainan Provincial Tuberculosis Hospital.

Minister Mam Bunheng sees the patient who is recovering after liver transplantation

Minister Mam Bunheng cordially talks to the doctors of the organ transplantation department

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